Deliver Truth… Where Written Words Can’t Go






Deliver Truth…Where Written Words Can’t Go

An organization empowering people across the globe with the Truth they desperately need to thrive.






2/3 of the world’s population needs information to be spoken. Yet most of what is being offered is written.

Literacy shouldn’t be a requirement to learn
and receive life-saving Truth.

Local Leaders

Equipping men and women who are trusted by, know and serve their people. They are the change agents.

People–Specific Messages

Helping develop oral content that is consistent yet personal. Their language, their learning style, their needs.

Holistic Transformation

Prompting powerful, all-encompassing, and sustainable change. Spiritual and physical, personal and communal.

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Leaders Trained

Small Groups Established

People Reached with Truth

Be involved. Enable leaders.

Encourage lasting transformation.