Will you help us bring holistic, lasting truth to those who need it Spoken?



Technology is not the silver bullet. It does not make ministry happen. It is a delivery vehicle – much like a FedEx or UPS truck – it’s what’s inside that moves the heart. Stories, songs, dramas, poetry, based on the Word of God, or an oral version of the Word of God – that is what moves the heart through the power of the Holy Spirit.

So, if technology is not the silver bullet, why do we use it? Because it delivers Truth consistently, without variation each time. It allows a new believer in Jesus Christ to be able to share the Truth of the Word of God, even if they do not know it well themselves. Technology can remove barriers. It is neutral in a world of extremes.

God has used technology to glorify His name, as one of many ways He does so. We happen to use it every day - in 10 countries - and have done so for 14 years. It just works.

I invite you to be a part of our story by helping deliver Truth through the use of technology.


Ed Weaver, President/CEO

The two types of technology your $35 will help provide:

MegaVoice Audio Player


Community can be“off the grid”

Great for group listening & discussion

MicroSD Cards

Cost effective

(10 Cards = 1 MegaVoice)

7+ billion cell phones in use worldwide

Discreet & easy to access

Sharing capability through Bluetooth

Both options allow groups of 5-15 people to listen together, ensure consistent content that remains true to the word of God, are shareable with surrounding people groups, and allow villagers to hear stories repeatedly - enabling them to internalize and share the message.

Would you like to help TRUTH come alive?

Will you help us bring holistic, lasting truth to those who need it Spoken?


1 Set

of Devices


2 Sets

of Devices


10 Sets

of Devices

Images are representative. Devices best suited to the needs of the communities receiving them will be selected by Spoken.