Our Team

Angeline | 

Executive Assistant

“I am very excited to be a part of the Great Commission to preach the gospel around the world in general, and to be part of the Spoken team in particular.  I believe God loves people from different ethnic, geographic and linguistic backgrounds and desires a relationship with them.  This makes what we do very meaningful and greatly impacts the work God is doing through us to save and serve His people.”

Brian | 

SVP, Field Ministry

“Working alongside disciple makers, the kind Jesus talked about in Matthew 28, has turned my world upside down. From Africa to East Asia, and everywhere in-between, our Program Team has the pleasure of serving such leaders as they equip the next generation. Seven years ago I couldn’t have imagined my role in delivering Truth where written words can’t go, now I can’t imagine doing anything else!”

Bruce | 

VP, Development

“I love asking people to partner with Godly causes that fulfill the Great Commission AND allow them to get the most fruitful return on their investment. Spoken Worldwide has an evidenced track record of strategically getting God’s word to previously unreached people groups, discipling them, and training up indigenous leaders who multiply out their faith. Over 500,000 have heard the Good News and began growing in their faith over the past decade because of Spoken’s training and technology. Please consider partnering with us to reach ALL of the unreached in THIS generation.”

Durk | 

Oral Bible Translation Program Consultant

It’s wonderful to live with hope and purpose.  That’s what the Eternal One gave me when I realized I was created for His glory and embraced the relationship my Creator wanted to restore.  What a privilege we have at Spoken to come alongside people to the ends of the earth, helping them experience that same hope and purpose.  As such, I am excited to be a catalyst for God to work through. Helping people verbalize and internalize His message of truth, in their heart language, is fundamental in empowering them to engage with our living Savior.

Ed | 


“In 2005, a friend told me I should go into ministry and, through my interest in technology, use iPods as a way to share the Gospel. Two weeks later, I was with a missionary who shared that 2/3 of the world “can’t, don’t or won’t” read, and confirmed that audio technology could be a part of the solution. I knew I had to take action, and I haven’t stopped since. The team that God has built here gives me the hope that we, in partnership with others, can take the planet!”

John | 

VP, New Initiatives
Global Director, Oral Bible Translation

“After 35 years, I finally know what God has called me to do: break down communication barriers that exist in this world between God and the people he loves. When God’s Word is not in the heart language AND in the communication style of a group of people, it creates a barrier. At Spoken, I am addressing these barriers. To be in a place where your work and your call are perfectly aligned, well, you’ve got to love that.”

Mark | 

Director, Field Accountability

“I believe at Spoken we care deeply for all peoples, including the vast populations of the world who have no use for written words. And, I love the drive our team has to improve lives, through the power and influence of narrative methods.”

Megan | 

VP, Communications

“I feel blessed to have access to specialized bible studies, prayer guides, and any article on health I could ever need. Unfortunately, most of the world has never heard of Jesus or had access to basic health education. I can’t think of a better way to love people than to share information they need, in the way they need to hear it.”

Ray | 

Director, Orality Coaching

“As a Strategist, Continual Learner and Futurist, I am always seeking to learn more about the communities, cultures and contexts we work within while applying all I can gather into the development of innovative new ministry models. Spoken offers me the opportunity to excel in this community-transforming work.”

Tom | 

Director, South Asia Programs

“I am excited about the work we are involved in at Spoken! The richness and power of God’s Word coming alive through stories, songs and dramas, the local church growing strong and expanding, leaders impacting their communities. I get to see this happen all over the world, what a blessing and privilege!”

Tom | 

Director, Pastor Development Programs

“I am ignorant, blind and mute in most cultures of the world where Christ is least known. Ignorant, because I don’t know their customs. Blind, because my eyes are dimmed by my own worldview. And mute, because I cannot speak their languages. But God has raised up wise, visionary and articulate Christian leaders in these cultures who desire to teach God’s Word. At Spoken we seek out these leaders and train them to communicate the truth of the Scripture using an orality-based platform that is specific to their cultural context.”

Yohannes | 

Director, East Africa Programs

Since I have come to know and experience God’s love and forgiveness over 25 years ago, the Lord has made it my ambition to live for Him. In my case, this has meant among other things, serving Him as missionary since almost about that time. I consider it a great privilege to help fulfill His great commission in my world. As C.T. Studd put it, “If Jesus Christ is God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.” Except, I had none that I haven’t received from Him, that I may sacrifice for Him!”

*for security reasons, not all employees are listed