Why Not Written?


Imagine that your friends represent the various peoples of the world.

If you and nine of your friends made up
the world’s population, 


about seven of you would learn and process information
through spoken words. 
Not written.


Additionally, three of you would:

Live in extreme poverty

On average, you and your family would make less than $1.25 a day.

Live under some form of oppression

Caught in human trafficking, religious persecution or corrupt government.

Lack basic medical care

If you get sick, doctors and medical facilities are too expensive or too far away.

Have no access to the Gospel

You haven’t heard of the Bible or God’s redemption through Jesus.

Fostering worldwide, holistic transformation
means delivering spoken Truth – both spiritual and physical –
to the unreached, isolated, and neglected regions of the world.

But how?

If we want to see lasting change in these lives and communities, we need to:


Take the focus off of us and the teaching techniques that come natural to us.


Start empowering leaders who are already in these areas and know the needs of their people.


Utilize their methods of learning and sharing: stories, songs, and dramas.


Care for both the physical and spiritual needs in a community.