We deliver Truth through
spoken methods.

We desire to meet people where they are and utilize ​their​ methods of learning and sharing. The practice we use to reach Oral Learners is known as ​Orality​, the use of oral forms – like stories, songs, dramas, or direct Bible translation – to share information with Oral Learners. The Spoken team has more than 100 years of collective experience working in Orality, so we know this approach provides the best opportunity for Oral Learners to understand and engage with God’s Word, creating behavior change and lasting transformation.

Our proven approach to Orality is comprehensive:

Listen and

We resist the tendency to use teaching methods that come naturally from our culture. Our programs aim to prioritize the specific needs of each community.

Local Partners

We provide tools and resources for local churches, pastors and ministries to affect change. Through our programs, trusted leaders with hearts for Jesus are making disciples of all nations.

Culturally Appropriate

Provide Culturally Appropriate Content

Oral cultures share their history, identity and tradition through oral means. We honor these learning styles and identify Bible stories and content that encourage engagement within each community.​

We have intentionally created an organic strategy that works outside of the typical Western mission team approach that uses precious time because it requires learning a language, adopting a culture, and gaining trust.

Through Spoken, we:
Create behavioral change in an individual or single community through engagement.
Create a self-sustaining,

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