Technology is not ​what​ we do.
But it is a valuable tool in ​how ​we work.

Our Pastor Development and Oral Bible Translation Programs utilize technology in most projects. Once Biblical content and community development information is produced, audio content is always recorded – this ensures future accuracy and provides a record of our work. If available and appropriate, more portable technology will be used to store recorded content for use within the Small Discussion Groups or church gatherings.
Over the years, the technology used by Spoken has evolved. Today, the MegaVoice MP3 player and MicroSD cards are the primary tools our leaders use for sharing recordings.

MegaVoice MP3 Player

  • Cost-effective​
  • Solar-powered​
  • Dedicated Technology
  • Holds up to 800 hours of audio content
  • Allow groups of 10+ to listen together​
  • Ensures consistent content that remains true to the Word of God​
  • Shareable with surrounding people groups​
  • Allows villagers to hear stories repeatedly, enabling them to memorize and internalize the message