In an attempt to fulfill the Great Commission with a sense of urgency, the Spoken Worldwide Orality Coaching Program (OCP) establishes purposeful partnerships with both US-based and indigenous churches and organizations that desire to minister to the two-thirds of the world that does not read. Our role is that of a supporting partner, where we provide the training and resources needed for these local partners to serve as the primary contact with their communities.
The coaching partnerships we form allow other ministries to learn Spoken’s method of delivering Truth to oral learners. Each individualized OCP is built around the unique needs and current resources of the ministry.​
Our training methodology includes the following Orality practices:
  • Dynamic Storytelling
  • Collaborative Discovery
  • Facilitation for Transformation
  • Worldview Considerations
  • Empowering and Equipping
  • Converting written content to oral methods
Contextualizing content to meet each community’s specific needs i