Newsletter | 2020 Q1


2020 Q1 Newsletter


A Focused Strategy Creates a Unified Community

Through the efforts of Pastor Moses and Pastor Gimba, two ILT (Indigenous Leadership Team) leaders, new pastors and leaders have been trained in the use of stories and holistic Truth in Riyom, Nigeria, effectively multiplying their reach. Almost the entire Tah-hoss and Bacha districts in Nigeria are responding to the gospel and community development education presented in their heart language and preferred learning style. 

Notably, the stories on security guidelines and how to work effectively with displaced persons have gone viral in 33 communities under 33 discussion group leaders in the districts. The insight received through these stories is pulling community elders, Church leaders, and other stakeholders together to create an initiative for a co-operative society. Doing so will help support the economic life of their communities, whose farm produce has been repeatedly attacked by local herdsmen. At this time, there are ongoing deliberations regarding strategies to help listening group members join resources to improve the economic, social, and cultural life of their communities.

Pastors Moses and Gimba have shepherded these leaders through their local Pastor Development Program to increase the number of disciples sharing Truth in the local communities. At Spoken, our goal is to see these indigenously-led, self-sustaining, disciple-making movements thrive and we are grateful for the Lord’s hand in their success.

 Spoken’s Pastor Development Program (PDP) serves communities that are oral in their style of learning. This 3-year program enables emerging local leaders, pastors and partner ministries to create and utilize at least 100 passages of Scripture and 30 pieces of community development information in the form of stories, songs or dramas as MP3 files for sharing. These are used in active discipleship and evangelism to create a multi-generational network of leaders for lasting and sustainable ministry in each community.


Equipping Local Leaders to Share Truth












In the last year, we have added 3 language projects to the program that will open doors to reaching more than 460,000 people who don’t currently know Christ.

God continues to use Spoken’s focus on orality to make the Word of God more penetrating and transferable.

Language Groups with Pastor Development Programs

2020 GOALS

Complete 30 Bible stories and 10 Community Development stories for each language group represented above

Seek new, effective ways to integrate principles of shepherding into our leadership training

Discuss with our partners how they can extend the PDP beyond the current 3-year format, as this would provide advanced spiritual growth for all local leaders


Indigenous Leadership Team

1st Generation Leaders

Recruited 3 yrs prior

2nd Generation Leaders

Recruited 2 yrs prior

3rd Generation Leaders

Recruited 1 yr prior

At the core of the Pastor Development Program is an Indigenous Leadership Team (ILT) leader that initiates the effort in multiplying disciples. Each ILT recruits additional quality leaders to help foster the growth of disciples. These new leaders are not paid to promote the Word, but do so because they believe in it, and they invite others in their local community to hear the Gospel stories and become disciples. As each member becomes more involved, they advance to becoming a leader and learn more about sharing community development information and Bible stories with oral communities. Each group of leaders invites additional community members who then invite additional community members. These disciples, no matter their current training cycle, are encouraged to start Small Discussion Groups, gathering 5-10 people to listen to stories and discuss their meaning and application.

In the graphic above, what began with four indigenous leaders, could grow to include hundreds of Small Discussion Groups with thousands hearing the Word of God for the first time. This continuous cycle of new disciples and leaders is how the Spoken Worldwide team creates a self-sustaining, indigenously-led, disciple-making movement.


Sharing with the Dukawa, Reported by Luka Isah Kwako

“I thank God for the device I received. I am a native of Marafa village, but I have migrated to Kwara state in Nigeria. It was when I came to visit Joshua, the local leader, that I saw he was using audio devices. After some discussion, an audio device was given to me, and I went home to Kwara state to share.

In the community where I lived, I was the only Christian. The Dukawa people in the village were Muslims. I have been preaching to them about Christ. I did not know how to read and write in either the Hausa language or in English – which became a barrier to preach or share the love of God for them through Christ Jesus. Anytime I go to them to preach, I am always short of words to convince a sinner to see the need for him to repent. But since the time I received the audio device, it became my voice to share the love of God. We started having joint meetings, with almost all the men in the village. We meet in the evening after a hard day’s work.

As a result of this device and the stories on it, seven Muslims and their families have accepted Christ to be their Lord and personal Savior. There was no Church before in the village, but now we are a Church. The people who had these stories recorded did not know I would be using them as my voice to evangelize or the people it would be reaching. If I had not been given the device, the seven saved Dukawa families could have been forever in the dark without the love of God. The audio device is my voice for evangelism. And I will continue to use it because I lack the words to share with people the gravity of the love God has for humanity, which is Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

My words of encouragement are for Spoken Worldwide, and to those who took their time to share these stories through recording, they should know that there are people like me who have the zeal to evangelize and these audio recordings enable us to share Truth, even though we have never gone to school. Therefore, they should know their labor is not in vain, people are being blessed, and souls are being won for Christ.


Life is complex, isn’t it? Matthew 24:38 says: “For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark” – sometimes we are surprised by challenges that show up in our lives unexpectedly. But we serve a faithful and sovereign God who is worthy of our trust and praise. A friend recently mentioned the familiar passage Philippians 4:7 “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” It is with that PEACE that we continue to serve boldly, with you by our side. We are grateful for your prayers and continued financial support as we let God lead us through these unexpected times.

Keep Spoken in Your Prayers

Pray that God would reveal to our Program Leaders where to begin new programs. 

Pray for the safety of our Program Leaders as they travel to new communities. 

Pray for the fulfillment of our goal to complete 30 Bible Stories and 10 Community Development stories in each language group. 

You can also help Spoken Worldwide advance the Pastor Development Program by providing necessary resources for the effective training and advancement of local leaders.

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